Very beautiful shop. Not tourist crafts, lovely dresses and hat.

by Lana Rebrov
Located in a picturesque square in Corfu old town. A super Italian lady that shows you handmade object of art. A different shop from tourist rubbish one. Kisses from France

by Claire Moret
Small charming and lovely shop. Vintage dresses, art craft pieces and so many other thing to buy.

by Liza Wall
Ιρέν ανέβασε ρούχα χειμωνιάτικα ξέρεις εσυ. Κορίτσια θα έρθω Πέμπτη να σας δω.

by Χρυσουλα
Μπάρμπι έχεις το μοναδικό ,ζεστό,φιλικό,αριστοκρατικό και ρομαντικό μαγαζάκι-φωλίτσα στο κέντρο της Κέρκυρας . Φιλάκια Μπάρμπαρα και Ιρέν.

by Χρυσουλα
Visited last summer during our vacation on Corfu island. Lovely place in a lovely town. Nice ideas for a gift to bring back. Matt & family from UK

by Matt Beown
I brought some lovely jewellery from you in October and was interested in buying some of the Italian Vintage pieces.Maybe you could let me have the web site address?Hope you have had a good season.

by Wendy Monk