The natural environment of Corfu island is really stunning and you will not be disappointed by the quality of the several beaches.
Kerkyra coastline is a paradise for all those who love sandy beaches, but you can also find marvellous rocky bays ideal for snorkeling.
Corfu offers at the same time beaches well equipped for tourists and lonely bays where you can relax even in high season.
In many beaches there are diving centres, water sports and several kind of safe entertainments.

To take a look to each beach of Corfu island you just have to select from the map the coast area you are interested in and click above the name.


North-west coast
The north-west coast of Corfu has a sea that is not very deep, ideal for
families with children.
In this area there is the famous Canal d’Amour and Paleokastritsa that is particular as it offers different rocky bays
ideal for snorkeling.
North-east coast
The north-east coast of Corfu island is characterised by several fjords and stunning rocky beaches that you can discover with a boat tour. Behind most of the beaches there is Pantokratoras mountain that with its huge vegetation offers a unique panorama.
South-west coast
The south-west coast of Corfu is the ideal place for those who like to lay
all day long on a sandy beach.
As you go Southern along this coast, the beaches become longer and windy.
South-east coast
The south-east coast of Corfu island offers both sandy and rocky small
beaches with a not very deep sea.
The sea conditions are always perfect as there is the mainland in front and moreover the beaches are all tourist equipped.
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