Beaches are ordered from the Northern to the Southern ones of the island.
Roda   Type: both are sandy beaches
Size: there are two beaches: one is small while the other is one of the longest of the island
Facilities: both beaches offer possibility to rent
beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs
Activities: possibility to rent boats or explore the north coast of Corfu from Kassiopi to Sidhari
Food: you can find restaurants and snack bars on the beach or in Roda village.
Description: Roda is one of the most tourist villages of this area and it offers two different beaches.
The first one is small and is in the West side of the village while the second one is extremely long and runs along the part of coast more tourist.
Here the bottom of the sea is sandy and not very deep.

Astrakeri   Type: sand
Size: small but wide
Facilities: there is the possibility to rent
beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs
Food: there are few restaurants in the nearest village
called Agnos, just a couple of kilometres far away
Description: this beach is not one of the best of Corfu island, but it’s nice the long pear that goes into the sea and a small area that can be used by owners of


Type: sand and pebbles
Size: short but wide
Facilities: free beach without tourist facilities
Food: the nearest village where to find restaurants or snack bars is Karousades, about 1 km far away
Description: behind the beach there’s a promontory that creates, in some hours of the day, a nice shadow where to get fresh.
The beach is wide for those who like to lie under the Greek sun and the water is very clean.



Type: white sand on the big beach and dark sand on the small one
Size: there are two beaches: one small close to the pear and the other very long along the east side of Sidari village
Facilities: you can find hundreds of beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs on the big beach
Activities: you can rent pedalos, kayak and motor boats.
There are also a diving centre and water sports
Food: close to both beaches there are many bars, pubs and restaurants
Description: Sidari is a big and developed tourist town with different beaches and small bays.
The main beaches of Sidari are three: the first is the famous Canal d’Amour (Love Channel of Sidhari); the second one is very tourist because runs along the town and is an extremely long sandy beach; the third is a nice and small bay, surrounded by several rocks shaped by the wind.


Canal d'Amour   Type: dark sand
Size: very small
Facilities: beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for rent
Food: just behind the Canal d’Amour you can find restaurants and snack bars with swimming pool
Description: the “Channel of Love” is a very particular beach and you can see it also inside our top 10.
To reach this beach you just have to pass the town of Sidari and go towards Peroulades.
On your right there is a small sign that will drive you to the channel.


Type: it’s a very large rock from where you can dive into the Ionian sea
Size: it’s a very small fiord
Facilities: does not exist any kind of tourist facility
Food: the nearest village is Peroulades and there is a snack bar close to Longa beach
Description: you can reach this little fjord following a dirt road, better with a jeep 4X4.
Along the road the view is stunning and you can admire the famous rocks of Sidari shaped by the wind. After 1,3 km driving you will reach a big flat
rock on the sea level.
The cliffs all around are smooth and round and the water is transparent.
You can stop here for a nice swim along the coast, but certainly it’s not the ideal place where to spend all the day.



Type: sand
Size: average-size but not very wide
Food: a snack bar on the top and a restaurant near the village of Peroulathes
Description: to arrive at Longa beach you have to pass through Peroulathes and reach the coast where a path will take you down to the beach.
As this beach is very short, when the sea is in bad conditions the water covers the entire bay.
This place is very particular and you can find a better description inside our top 10.


Aghios Stefanou  

Type: sand
Size: normal length but very wide
Facilities: beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for rent, there are also public toilets and showers
Food: close to the village you can find many restaurants and snack bars
Description: Aghios Stefanos is a lovely bay surrounded by hills.
Very often there is strong wind in this area and for this reason sometime the beach is not very clean.
It is possible to take the ferryboat from the little pear close to Aghios Stefanos for Mathraki and Othoni (Diapontia islands).



Type: sand and pebbles
Size: very long but not very wide
Facilities: beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for rent
Activities: is possible to take for rent pedalos, boats, kayak and windsurf
Food: there are some local restaurants and pubs along the beach
Description: this beach is the ideal place for families with children because it is very calm.
There is the sand only near the sea, the rest part of the beach is rocky.
The sea here is not very deep and in front of Arila beach there are some small islets
which are possible to reach by swimming being in a good physical condition!


Aghios Georgios   Type: sand
Size: extremely long as the entire gulf
Facilities: on the beach you can find beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for rent
Activities: water sports available during the high season and possibility to rent windsurf in the most windy days
Food: in front of the beach and in the nearest village there are some small places where you can eat fish
Description: Agios Georgios is placed in one of the largest bay of Corfu island and if you come from Paleokastritsa you can have a really stunning view all over the beach.
It is so long that you can always find privacy and relax.


Type: both sand and pebbles
Size: there are several small bays that are included into Paleokastritsa area
Facilities: deck-chairs and beach-umbrellas available on every beach, while in the bigger one there are also showers and public toilets
Activities: you can take a boat for rent to visit some spectacular sea caves. There are also a diving centre and some taxi boats
Food: in the small village of Paleokastriza there are local restaurants, pubs and snack bars
Description: Paleokastritsa is an area with five different small bays.
The principal one is placed just under the ancient monastery and is the most tourist due to its dimensions.
Another beach is close to the pear where you can see several luxury boats during the high season.
To reach the other bays you should have your own boat or use the taxi boat service.
This area is ideal also for those who love snorkeling, the sea is deep and the water is a little bit cold.



Type: mostly sand but with some rocks
Size: small-size but wide
Facilities: deck-chairs and beach-umbrellas available
Activities: pedalos for rent
Food: there are a couple of restaurants near the beach
Description: the beach is placed inside the first gulf after Paleokastritsa and has a similar setting. Surrounded by the Mediterranean nature and with fantastic sea water.
Along the coastline near the beach there are some interesting caves you
can visit.



Type: sand with small rocks along the sides of the beach
Size: average-size
Facilities: beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for rent
Activities: pedalos for rent and it is possible to dive
Food: some restaurants on the beach and along the road to reach it
Description: a nice lonely bay but a little bit far from the road and from other beaches.
Ermones bay is surrounded by some hills and has sand in the middle and rocks on the two sides.
It’s a lonely place ideal to relax far away from big tourist villages.


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