Tsipouradiko - No plan, just what there is! - Corfu town


Corfu-Kerkyra.eu wants to introduce to all the tourists this particular traditional tavern.
The eccentric and original name describes very well the authentic Greek Mezedopolìo.
In Greece the Mezedopolìo or Tsipouradiko is a real institution, a tradition from North Greece where together with a small glass of "tsipouro" they bring you a small appetizer to taste.
It is a restaurant where main plates don‘t exist and there are only appetizers.
In this way you will have the opportunity to taste many different dishes and recipes in a single supper.
“No plan, just what there is” is the more appropriate sentence in order to describe the best Tsipouratiko on Corfu island.
Here the list does not exist because it changes every day.
Here at the Tsipouradiko you can enjoy your dinner in the rustic, cozy dining room inside or at the tables outside, immersed in the evocative atmosphere of Corfu‘s old town.
George and Vassilis will quickly welcome you bringing a list written by hand with all the dishes of the night.
The traditional plates of the Greek cuisine that you can taste here are many and various. The flavours are those typical of Greece and Mediterranean.
Octopus in vinegar, aubergine with tomato and feta cooked in the oven, meat balls, veal delicacies with dried tomatoes, stuffed peppers, savory pies (made with zucchini, potatoes…) and many other dishes.
During all the evening you will have background Rebetika music, a traditional Anatolian music very appreciated in the Greek taverns, and sometime Vassilis plays live.
As the food changes every day and it is cooked fresh at the moment, it is not prepared in enormous amounts so we suggest you to go to Tsipouradiko not too much late in the evening otherwise you will have less choice!


  • In the old town of Corfu
  • Only daily fresh food
  • Open also for lunch
  • There isn‘t a list, every day different specialities
  • Background rebetika music


In the old town of Corfu. Prosalendou street near Gida street (in the old port behind the "Dikastirio")

Tsipouradiko - No plan, just what there is! - Corfu town