Maistro Restaurant - Bar - Acharavi beach


We would like to suggest Maistro Restaurant - Bar to you as the best choice in Acharavi area to taste traditional Greek cuisine and Corfu local gastronomy.
Maistro Greek restaurant is placed right on Acharavi beach (exit 7 or exit 8) and is open for both lunch and dinner during summer months.
You can come to Maistro restaurant in Acharavi to taste delicious fish dishes.
In this case we invite you to try the grilled octopus, fresh marinated sardines, mussels in garlic and white wine sauce or just a fresh fish grilled on the barbecue.
Every Thursday in Maistro restaurant you have a great chance if you like to eat fish.
In fact you‘ll have the possibility to order a plate for two persons that includes mussels, fried squids, grilled octopus, fried sardines, a grilled sea bream, Greek salad and potatoes on the barbecue for the amazing price of 38 euro per couple!
If you prefer to eat meat, here in Acharavi in Maistro restaurant you can taste local Corfiot recipes such as kleftiko (lamb with vegetables baked into the oven) or home made stuffed hamburgers.
Every Tuesday evening here at Maistro you can find a live music and folk event.
In any case it is good to come here every evening as the sunset is exactly in front of your table and the relaxing and romantic atmosphere will make your dinner really unforgettable.


  • Fresh fish every day
  • Few steps from the beach
  • Open from 9 am for a breakfast in front of the sea
  • Sunset in front of you
  • Open also in the winter


Maistro Greek restaurant is placed right on Acharavi beach (exit 7 or exit 8) and is open from 9 in the morning till night.

Maistro Restaurant - Bar - Acharavi beach